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Note:    Just for kicks, here is the script that Episode 5-1 Dinner Invitation was based on. I thought it might be interesting to you guys if I showed my written preparations before the sketching process. Keep in mind, my "script" doesn't follow any scriptwriting standards and only exist to remind myself what I wanted to draw. Click here to compare my script to actual comic strips. Happy reading! :)



5-1. Dinner Invitation


1.            <home: living room—Alice, May, and Leaf are having spaghetti meal> Alice: Try the spaghetti.

May: (slurps noodles in her mouth) Mm!

Leaf: (quietly spins noodle around his fork with supporting spoon) / Alice: (quite seriously) I’m practicing for tonight’s dinner invitation. How is it?

May: (happily) Loving it!

Leaf: (continues spinning noodle around the neck of his fork, gets bigger) / Alice: (sweat drop) What’re you doing?

Leaf: (holding up a clump of noodles around his fork) It never ends.


2.            <home: kitchen> Alice: (setting various ingredients on kitchen counter) ‘Set the vegetables there… Put pan on the stove… Defrost chicken on the counter…’ / Alice: (blank expression) ‘I only have half an hour left, and I haven’t cooked anything. I’m so stressed out.’ / Alice: (exhausted) ‘Why did I invite Kirk over for dinner anyway?’ 


3.            <home: someone rings door bell> Leaf: (lazily walks toward door) I’ll get the door.

Alice: (notices from distance) Mm? / Alice: (speeds through and hits Leaf, sending him flying aside) I’ll get it! / <Kirk’s over the shoulder POV> Alice: (in cold tone) Hey you.

Kirk: (sweat drop; sees injured Leaf twitching on the floor) Um… Is everything okay?


4.            <home: dining room> Kirk: (abashed) So, um, thanks again for inviting me over for dinner. Hope it wasn’t too much trouble. / Alice: (sharply) It was.

Kirk: (flustered) Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. / Alice: (carries in a big pot to a dining table full of luxurious-looking dishes) I’m just paying you back for taking me to a movie.

Kirk: (sweat drop) This is a pretty generous payback.


5.             Kirk: (awed by dishes on table) Wow, this looks simply amazing! You really cooked everything yourself?

May: Hee hee. / May: Our dad’s always gone, so she takes care of us like a mom.

Kirk: (surprised) You’re the head of household of your family?! / May: (whispers with mischievous grin) She’s also a virgin.

Kirk: (raised eyebrow) How do you know that?

Alice: (no expression change but slightly blushed) Let’s just eat.


6.            Kirk: Where’s the bathroom?

Alice: (back turned, taking dishes to kitchen sink) Down the hall to the right. / Leaf: Please comment how clean our bathroom is.

Kirk: (entering bathroom, turns his head) Hmm? Why? / Kirk: (in background) Alice forced you to clean the bathroom?

Leaf: (covering his face with his hands) She made me scrub the tub with my bare hands.

Alice: (in foreground, looks irritated)


7.            Kirk: (reaches for his shopping bag) I bought you something on the way here.

Alice: (looks with bored eyes) / Kirk: (pulls out a box of assorted chocolates) It’s not much but—

Alice: (surge of happiness in her eyes and posture) Almond chocolate?! / Kirk: (surprised) How’d you know what it was?

Alice: (eating chocolate) I can smell chocolates from a mile away.


8.            May: (to Kirk) Hey mister, what would you choose for our evening activity? / May: (shows living room in the background) Making small talk while entertaining yourself with sis’ embarrassing yearbook photos? / May: (shows Alice’s bedroom covered in rose petals and heart-shaped pillows; speaks in seductive tone) Or making a lovely memory for sis that she’ll never forget?

Kirk: You’re a frightening child.


9.            Kirk: (to Alice) You take care of your younger brother and sister, practically run this household… / Kirk: …work at bakery shop, take evening college courses, and somehow still keep it all together. / Kirk: (praises with his arms open) You’re an amazing person, Alice!

Alice: (showing hint of her emotional side) I’ve been waiting for someone to say that.


10.          <outside apartment> Kirk: Thanks for inviting me, Alice. Dinner was wonderful.

Alice: Thanks for coming, Kirk. / (awkward silence as Alice and Kirk stare at each other) / Kirk: (points at May making kissing gesture and noise & Leaf ready to take notes from window) Uh, what’re they doing?

Alice: (irritated) Ignore them. They’re idiots.



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